Minutes of meeting April 2022 including AGM




Cllr. M. Russell (Chair)

Cllr. J. Forrester

Cllr Batchelor

Cllr B Jeeves

Gayle Whelan (parish clerk)

22/22 Apologies

22/23 Declarations of interest in the following agenda:

Cllr Russell is on the Parochial Church Council.

22/24 Previous minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday, March 17 th 2022 were accepted as a true


22/25 Questions from the public:

Action: Cllr Russell to find out if BT can be contacted to have a guided site visit with councillors. Cllr

Russell has made contact but has had no further information.

Mr Edwards reported that grass cutting has not been carried out in the village since September


Action: Parish clerk to check when mowing will begin.

Mr Edwards asked who was responsible for signage throughout the village. The county and parish

are responsible, depending on who has funded the signs. Mr Edwards was informed that village

signs have recently been cleaned.

22/26 Finance matters:

Accounts to date:

The latest statement date for 01 April 2022 showed:

Reserve account balance £978.00

Current account balance £7,667.36

Cheques were signed for payment to:

 SPCA invoice for annual subscriptions £145.12

 Repayment of Cllr Russell for payment of the parish noticeboard of £642.73

Civic amenity visits have been approved and will be carried out on Saturday 21 May and 1 October

for a two-hour period each time. A risk assessment was carried out and posters will be placed on

the noticeboard advising residents of what can be accepted.


Budget tallying: There has been overspend on previous years' budget. VAT refund forms have been

submitted and the total amount has been included as part of this year's forthcoming budget. Should

budget be followed exactly, there will be £232 clear at financial year end.

Action ongoing: Councillors are still looking into the possibility of online banking. This will be

continued to be explored over forthcoming months.

Action: Cllr Russell is in the processes of organising the online account with Nat West Bank.

Reserve account:

The reserve account will be discussed once online banking is available.

VAT refund form:

This has been completed and has been submitted.

Annual budget:

A new line for training will be added to the budget and finance spreadsheet at £200 and increased

salary costs will be taken into account. Councillors declared it was a very tight budget this

forthcoming year, with the potential to have a more precarious budget in forthcoming years.


Cllr Russell has purchased the noticeboard on behalf of the parish council for £642.73 inc VAT.

Online banking:

Cllr Russell has spoken to parish clerks from neighbouring parish councils to understand how they

use online banking. Clerks at Gnosall and High Offley and Haughton all sign payments online with

authorisation. Individual councils' financial regulations document outlines rules regarding who has

authority to sign payments online and necessary procedures.

Action: Cllr Russell will continue to look into this further.

Monthly meetings:

Cllr Russell opened up discussion about holding meetings every other month as a means to save

costs and time. Cllr Winnington felt this was a retrograde step as there are currently ten meetings

held a year, with none already held in the months of August and December. It was felt that two

months may be too long to wait in between meetings for members of the public to see a councillor.

It may also cause issues with time-sensitive planning applications.

Cllr Winnington proposed to continue holding meetings once a month. The motion was seconded by

Cllr Forrester. The vote was successful (3 for and 2 against).


Village Hall Committee: Last meeting was cancelled.

Highways: Councillors are continuing to apply pressure regarding drains. Potholes in surrounding

areas are quite poor.

Footpaths: No updates. Seighford walks well signposted.

Gulleys and weeding: Gulley cleaning was last carried out in 2020.

Action: Cllr Russell to contact SCC to have direct contact for Cllr Batchelor to take the issue

forward. Still awaiting for confirmation of when weeding and next gulley cleaning will take place.

22/27 Planning updates

21/35228/HOU The Coppins, Church Close has now been called in by Cllr Winnington for its effect

on street scene.

22/29 Chairman's questions/items for information/next agenda

Cllr Forrester received a complaint about dovecote removal on the village hall which came down last

year. However, it is the complaint refers to the chimney and not dovecote. The chimney will be

replaced as soon as someone is found who is able to replace it to its former style.

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 7.00pm. Cllr

Winnginton passed on his apologies for the meeting.

Signed.................................................. Date...........................

Gayle Whelan, Ranton Parish Council Clerk. rantonparishcouncil@gmail.com