Useful Information

Report a pothole online

The easiest way to report an issue on the roads is to report a pothole online (use link below) or you can download the My Staffs App, 

How Staffordshire deals with potholes 

They prioritise all potholes so that those which pose the biggest risk to motorists are repaired by either the next day if category 1 or within 7 days if classed as category 2.

The teams have currently improved the turnaround times for both category 1 and category 2 defects.

Most defects are identified by our inspectors and repairs are scheduled based on their priority. The crews use a range of techniques to repair potholes depending on location and road make-up.

On busier roads, temporary repairs are sometimes necessary to allow plans to be put in place to manage traffic and to minimise both safety risk and inconvenience for motorists until this can be done.

Defects classed as category 3, which is the lowest category, can take up to 90 days to repair.

Rights of Way

The Parish Council's role

Parish Councils have no specific duties for rights of way, however, they are given certain powers which can help the public to enjoy the public path network.

Parish Councils can:maintain any footpath or bridleway within its area which is maintainable at public expense;
  • erect lighting on any footpath or bridleway. Although the number of public paths likely to require lighting is small, lighting can be important on paths leading to a village or bus stop for example;
  • erect notices, with the consent of the landowner, on or near a footpath or bridleway, warning of local dangers;
  • create new footpaths and bridleways by agreement with the landowner over land in their own and adjoining parishes if satisfied that the creation would be beneficial to all or, any part of, the parish or community;
  • signpost and waymark public paths on behalf of, and with the consent of the highway authority. A highway authority can give permission for other persons such as Parish Councils to erect and maintain signposts on its behalf;
  • provide seats and shelters at the side of public paths.

The link below takes you to Staffordshire Rights of ways site