Ranton Parish Council Newsletter June 2019


Ranton Parish Council


Dear Parishioners

I am sure you are aware there were recent local elections to elect your Borough and Parish Councillors. The elections were successful and three Parish councillors were elected, myself Jeff Forrester, Melanie Russel and Mark Winnington.

However Ranton Parish has positions for five councillors and therefore we would like to invite any Parishioner who would wish to serve on the Parish council to contact any of the above or the Parish Clerk - Gayle Whelan. The contact numbers are below.

It is important for the village to maintain an active and vibrant council to ensure that we address and support all village needs and maintain an independent voice for Ranton

All relevant training will be given to appointed Councillors

Jeff Forrester Chair 282495

Melanie Russel Vice Chair 282032

Mark Winnington Councillor 822224

Gayle Whelan Clerk 01630 620010

Jeff Forrester Chair Ranton Parish Council June 2019