Chairman's Statement

2023 Local Elections. 4 th May 2023 will see elections for both

borough and parish councils. For the first time in this country you

need to prove your identity prior to voting so do not forget to take your

VOTER ID with you to the polling station. See the pamphlet on the

subject that came with your polling cards for more detailed

information. All of your current parish councillors are standing but

unless there are more candidates than positions you will not have to

vote for your parish councillors just the borough councillors.

Highways. To help me write this newsletter I turned to the last one I

wrote which was in April 2015 and it is disappointing to see that, as

now, we still have issues with the Staffordshire County Council over

the condition of our roads. From my own perspective the condition of

the roads has, however, only deteriorated. We continue to report

potholes and flooding issues but SCC appear not to be interested.

Any highways issues that you may have can be reported direct to the

SCC via their web site at


or follow it through from the SCC front page.

Footpaths. Footpaths within the parish are currently in good order,

perhaps they have not been used too much over the winter months.

We log any concerns raised with SCC but should you wish, any issues

can be reported directly to the Public Footpaths and Bridleways

section at SCC at



Ranton Web Site. The address for the Ranton Web site is:

https://ranton-parish-council.webnode.page/ . So please refer to it for


the latest news and updates. The email address for RPC is:


Finance. The finances for the RPC in 2023/24 are likely to be a

challenge as we are currently predicting an over spend of a few

hundred pounds. Any shortfall will be covered by our reserves but

future years are likely to see larger increases in the precept than we

have previously had to enable the RPC to balance the books.

David Batchelor (Chair)

Civic Amenity Visit. The refuse vehicle will be on the Village Hall

car park as follows:

Saturday 29 th April 2023 10 – 12am

Saturday 30 th September 2023 10 – 12am

Ranton Parish Council Members. The Parish Council meets at

the Village Hall on the 3 rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm. The

meeting is open to all members of the public and an agenda is

published on the village notice board a few days before the meeting.

Normally there is no meeting held in August or December.

Position Name Telephone


Chair David Batchelor 282734

Vice-chair Ben Jeeves 162402

Councillor Mark Winnington* 822224

Councillor Malanie Russell 282032

Councillor Jeff Forrester 282495

Clerk Gayle Whelan

* also Borough and County councillor.

Ranton Parish Council Meetings are Scheduled for 

15th June  2023 


Generally we meet every 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm at Ranton Village Hall. Meetings are held throughout the year, except in August and December where no meeting is held.

If you wish to contact a Parish Councillor please feel free to use the Contact Form, or email Gayle Wheelan at rantonparishcouncil@gmail.com

All members of the parish are entitled to attend and have their say.

7;30pm General Meeting
1. Apologies
2. Declarations of interest in the following agenda
3. To accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday, October 21st. as a true record
4. Questions from the public
5. To receive reports and updates as necessary, including:
 Mowing - 
 Village Hall committee
 Highways
 Footpaths/Gulleys and weeding
6. Finance matters
 Monthly outgoings
 Online banking 
 Reserve account
7. Parish Clerk report
 Update on actions
 Training courses
 VAT submission
8. Planning updates/to resolve on planning applications
9. Chairman's Questions/Items for Information/Next date and agenda
Gayle Whelan, Ranton Parish Council Clerk


Civic Amenities Visit 29th April in the Village Hall Carpark, details on the Ranton Parish Notice Board.

Next date will be 30th September , please check for any amendments on the council website 


To become a Parish Councillor information below, Elections 4th May 2023

Parish and Town Council - Standing as a Candidate

    To stand for election to a Parish or Town Council, there are a number of criteria that you must meet.

    Information on standing as a candidate in local elections is available on the Electoral Commission website.

    In short, to qualify to be a candidate for a local election, the day you are nominated and on the day of the election you must satisfy the following criteria:-

    • aged 18 years or over
    • and either a UK or Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Irish Republic, or a citizen of a member state of the EU.

    In addition, you must meet at least one of the following:

    • on the day of nomination and on the day of the election you are and thereafter you continue to be registered as a voter in the Parish
    • for the whole of twelve months before the day of nomination and the day of the election you have occupied any land other other premises as owner or tenant in the Parish
    • for the whole of twelve months before the day of nomination and the day of the election your principal or only place of work has been in the Parish
    • for the whole of twelve months before the day of nomination and the day of the election you have resided in the Parish or within three miles of it

    You will be unable to be elected and to serve as a Councillor if:

    • you are a paid employee of the Parish
    • you are subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order
    • you have within five years, before the day of the election, been sentenced to a term of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) of not less than three months without the option of a fine


    Local Events

    Help is needed to support our Church, if anyone has any ideas please see Tony. 

    Village Hall Committee is organising a Street Party 7th May 2023, Tickets £5.00 under 12's free, call 07909 510974 or 07703 622769. Road Closures in place between 1pm and 6pm